Welcome to CrossFit 734

Welcome to CrossFit 734! CrossFit is a core strength & conditioning program that delivers a fitness that is by design, broad, general, and inclusive. Elements of track & field, gymnastics, weightlifting, and strongman are combined in short intense daily workouts to maximize results for any individual. CrossFit teaches functional movement patterns, or, movements that you find in real life -pushing, pulling, squatting, jumping, throwing, carrying, and sprinting.

CrossFit's mission is to fuel a revolution in fitness based on the pursuit of function, not form -- on measurements of performance, not anatomy. We want rings and bumper plates in our gyms, not machines. We believe that where you train is less important than how you train and whom you train with matters more than what gear you have. We know this can be done anywhere. We've proven that the backyard, to the garage, to the warehouse is as good an environment as any for forging elite fitness.  

Workout Of The Day

  • Week of 11.17.14


    Wave A deadlift


    Burpee wall ball

    Double under

    15min cap continue to add 5 reps




    5 rounds

    2 cleans

    2 cluster (Squat Clean + Thruster)

    2 alt jerk

    2 min rest after ea rd

    750-500-250 row



    Wave A push press

    10m AMRAP

    6 pull up

    10 deadlift 

    14 lateral box over



    Box blasts 4 x 6 ea leg






    Front squat wave A

    10 rounds

    3 snatch 80%

    2 HSPU strict

    1 muscle up strict

  • week of 11.10.14


    Strength: Wave A Squat


    5 rounds

    10 push up

    20 HKR



    Strength: Back rack step up 3x6 ea Leg

    Metcon:  "Armistice"

    Our tribute to all serving and who have served in the Armed Forces....Thank you!

    On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918, an armistice, or temporary cessation of hostilities, was declared between the Allied nations and Germany in the First World War. This Armistice Day was later re-named to Veterans Day.

    At exactly 11 a.m., each November 11th, a color guard, made up of members from each of the military branches, renders honors to America's war dead during a ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknowns in Arlington National Cemetery.

    The 11-based rep scheme represents the rich history of Veterans Day.
    The two-minutes of rest/reflection represents this moment of silence at the tomb of the unknowns.
    The 1st round of work represents Veterans of wars past, and the 2nd round of work represents Veterans of present and future wars
    Modified versions of classic military exercises are meant to help connect Veterans and the greater community to connect after the accomplishment of shared hardship during this WOD.

    Please join us in hosting or participating in WOD with Warriors "Armistice"

    The WOD - “Armistice”

    9 minute AMRAP
    100-meter sprint
    11 sit-ups
    11 air squats
    100-meter sprint
    22 sit-ups
    22 air squats
    100-meter sprint
    33 sit-ups
    33 air squats
    *add 11 to the sit-ups and air squats for each additional round

    2-minutes of rest, followed by:

    9 minute AMRAP
    100-meter sprint
    11 pushups
    11 box jumps (RX 24”/20”)
    100-meter sprint
    22 pushups
    22 box jumps (RX 24”/20”)
    100-meter sprint
    33 pushups
    33 box jumps (RX 24”/20”)
    *add 11 to the pushups and box jumps for each round



    Strength: Wave A press

    Metcon: 10-1


    Push Press



    Skill:Muscle up progressions

    Metcon:13.3 open WOD

    12m AMRAP

    150 Wall Ball

    90 Double Under

    30 Muscle Up



    Wave A clean and jerk

    Metcon 21-15-9 

    MB Transverse Toss Right

    SA KB Snatch

    MB Transverse Toss Left

    Calorie Row

  • 11.08.14

    Saturday Partner MetCon

    11/8/14 WOD
    Partner AMRAP
    100 wall balls (20/14)
    100 games push ups
    100 sit ups
    100 SA KB Snatch (53/35)
    200 parallettes
    Partner must hold a plate OH while other partner works at 25#.



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